Hygiene is the new pre-match ritual

  • George Olden
  • February 22
  • 2 Minute read

More than 1.2 million fans have passed through the turnstiles of Old Trafford so far this season. It has not been a small accomplishment after playing behind closed doors for 17 months. Continuing to operate one of the largest sports venues in the U.K. while keeping people as safe as possible has required adjustment and dedication.

Manchester United has called on the expertise of Ecolab and I have spearheaded the efforts to bring the best hygiene and infection prevention solutions the industry has to offer to the club. I am George Olden, the new Hygiene Director, representing Ecolab’s 45,000 experts globally and decades of scientific innovation.

To provide reassurance to every fan on their outing to the Theatre of Dreams, we have been deploying new protocols and technologies that have complemented the Club’s pre-match routine.

On behalf of Ecolab, I have overseen the installation of thousands of hand hygiene stations, supported with hygiene safety training for stadium staff and even bio-decontaminated the Carrington training ground last December after a COVID-19 outbreak.

Every space and location of the Club has been fitted with Ecolab’s best-in-class hygiene and cleaning solutions. From the 31 kitchens to the laundry room, to the 75,400-seats, the kiosks, the museum and the Megastore, Manchester United is working closely with our Ecolab experts to implement a practical and evidence-based approach to prevent the spread of infections.

There is an entire clean team, behind Manchester United, looking to continuously improve a fan’s experience at the stadium. Through the collaboration of Ecolab and the Club’s extensive operations team, we ensure seats are clean, handrails are disinfected, and counters are immaculate.

I have always been a football fan and I have attended more than 200 Premier League games in my personal time. I am honoured and focussed on working alongside this committed Team Behind Clean to help protect Manchester United’s operations for fans, visitors, employees and players alike for many more games to come.

Game after game, we use our scientific knowledge to make a day at Old Trafford cleaner, safer and healthier.

George Olden, Hygiene Director

There is a new pre-match ritual, hygiene. I have been appointed by Ecolab to support Manchester United operations with higher levels of cleanliness and best sustainable practices. I work with the Ecolab and Club teams to implement new protocols that help keep players, fans and staff safer and healthier.

With almost a decade of experience with Ecolab, I have consulted with customers in the healthcare and life science industries to prevent the spread of infections. I now bring this know-how and combine it with my passion for football to help protect everyone’s day at the game.