Man Utd x Ecolab

Keeping clean sheets and showing a clean pair of heels matter to Manchester United. The players, coaches, staff and fans are adopting Ecolab solutions across the Club.

Manchester United sets a new level of hygiene and sustainability with Ecolab

“We look forward to working with Ecolab to achieve its official Ecolab Science Certified Seal, so that all visitors to the club can see our commitment to delivering a higher level of cleanliness and ensuring they receive the best possible experience,” says Manchester United’s Chief Operating Officer, Collette Roche.

Clean facts

Cleaning your hands is one of the best defences against spreading of germs. Using over 700 hand hygiene stations and 1,000 soap dispensers, we’re helping Manchester United to keep over 1 million hands germ-free at Old Trafford.

15% of men don’t wash their hands after using the toilet

90% of us don’t wash hands well enough

6 secs. How long we wash our hands for on average

80% The percentage of illness-causing germs that are spread by hands

3 hrs. How long germs can survive on your hands

10,000 The number of bacteria per square inch on purses and handbags

No.1 Your TV remote control is a top carrier of bacteria

More There are more germs on your phone or keyboard than on a toilet seat

300 The number of surfaces you touch in 30 minutes. Try to take fewer touches!

What else can you do in 30 seconds?

It takes just 30 seconds to clean your hands well. Getting it right is the key to a successful no-transfer policy when it comes to passing on germs. Can you guess what else has happened in 30 seconds?

Q. Who scored the winner for United v Man City with less than 30 seconds remaining of added time to keep United in title race on April 17th 2010?

A. Paul Scholes

Q. Which former United player scored in less than 30 seconds in a home game versus Southampton in 1995?

A. Ryan Giggs

Q. Who scored from the spot after United were awarded a penalty inside 30 seconds in their game against City in 2021?

A. Bruno Fernandes

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