The Team Behind Clean

The Ecolab team is passionate about protecting people and vital resources. We develop world-class solutions and technology, but it’s our associates that make the real difference. From sharing expertise to providing training, installing equipment, they’re dedicated to helping businesses keep customers, staff and communities safe.

Meet the people who are helping the world to reopen safely

Jane Williams

Hygiene and Cleanliness Champion

Ecolab’s Institutional team offers comprehensive products and programs for schools, care providers, restaurants and hotels.

To help Manchester United welcome fans back safely to Old Trafford, our team installed 770 Ecolab hand hygiene stations and over 1,000 hand soap dispensers.

Luke Jackson

Water Management Engineer

Nalco Water are experts in cleaner, safer water who understand how important water is to every business. Our sustainable solutions improve water quality and reduce the consumption of water and other natural resources.

Testing and monitoring cold and hot water is critical to maintaining control of harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Brian Robinson

Pest Control and Prevention Expert

Pest control is vital for businesses who sell food and drink. Using 24/7 monitoring, connected technology and on-site support, we create safer, pest-free environments.

Our Intelligent Rodent Monitoring is backed by data intelligence and proactively reduces the risk of food contamination.

Gordon Murphy

Laundry and Textiles Specialist

Our Textile Care solutions deliver better quality, safety and sustainability for hospitality laundries, making sure that textiles, people and facilities are protected.

We’re proud to protect Manchester United’s players and help the Red Devils keep more clean sheets!